Brooks Wester Smith Obituary Cause Of Death, Who Is Brooks Wester?

Edenton has experienced the devastating loss of one of its beloved members: Brooks Wester Smith. Well regarded for both her intellect and compassion, Brooks was more than just a Consultant Pharmacist; she was an integral member of Edenton community. Born to Barry Donald Wester and Anne Lovin Wester in Martin County, her journey was filled with academic excellence as well as strong ties to community service.

After years of hard academic study, Brooks earned her doctorate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her professional journey as a Consultant Pharmacist at Polaris Pharmacy Services was marked by excellence and undivided dedication   only one facet of an illuminating life lived fully!

Faith in Action

Brooks left her mark through her deep commitment to her community and faith. An active member of Edenton Baptist Church, she engaged in numerous initiatives embodying its values of compassion and service. Her faith wasn’t just something she believed; it guided everything she did   whether at Edenton Baptist or elsewhere in society.

Her involvement at Edenton Baptist Church went far beyond simple participation; rather, it reflected her core values and demonstrated how faith can translate to meaningful community service that impacts lives beyond church walls.

Brooks’ untimely passing has left an indelible mark on Edenton community. She was revered and beloved member known for her kindness, intelligence, and dedication to helping others. To honor her memory and to remember her impactful impact in all our lives, her family have organized a gathering at Edenton Baptist Church on January 13th as both memorial and opportunity to reflect on all that Brooks did for so many people in Edenton and beyond.

Brooks Smith left behind her legacy through her children and Tim Smith. An extraordinary mother as well as compassionate professional, Brooks made an impressionful mark beyond just her immediate family to include Jeremy Travis Wester, his wife Jenny, and the Edenton community at large.

Honoring Her Legacy

In tribute to Brooks Wester Smith, her family suggests making donations to Edenton Baptist Church   specifically donations to Missions with Youth Fund or Tri County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center would honor her passions and values. Brooks had an indelibly positive connection with these causes that combined religious faith, child welfare, animal care and environmental sustainability   so supporting these initiatives ensures her legacy of generosity will continue benefitting those she so dearly loved in Edenton and Tri County area communities.

Brooks Wester Smith was more than just a member of Edenton; she was an inspiration. Her life showed us what is possible when you combine professional success with faith, family and community service. Though we mourn her departure from Edenton, her legacy will live on through her children, professional accomplishments and charitable works she supported during her lifetime.

Brooks Wester Smith will continue to inspire future generations in Edenton by her example and serve as an example of what it means to lead an impactful life, full of purpose, love, faith, and service to others. Her legacy will remain everlastingly strong within our community.

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