Catherine Ball Obituary & Cause Of Death, What Happened To Him?

Catherine Theresa Ball, an esteemed mother, grandmother, and nurse from Wilkes-Barre, PA passed away peacefully at Lancaster on April 24th 2022 at age 84. Catherine lived her life according to family values: family dedication and community service were at the core of everything she stood for in both professional and personal settings. Born into Edward and Catherine Moore’s nurturing Moore’s Cafe environment as an infant gave way to an adult commitment of caregiving that defined both professional and personal endeavors in later years.

Early Years and Education

Catherine started her educational journey at Saint Mary’s High School in her home state of Pennsylvania, where she distinguished herself as an enthusiastic student. Following her passion for helping others, Catherine attended Kings County Hospital School of Nursing in Brooklyn NY and soon graduated as a registered nurse from Bay Ridge Hospital Brooklyn; setting an exemplary standard in patient care through Bay Ridge’s residency program and setting off future endeavors within nursing.

Her career took a temporary hiatus while she focused on raising four children – an experience which cemented her belief in family being of paramount importance. While Catherine focused on family first during this period, it didn’t lessen her professional zeal – upon returning to Wilkes-Barre she resumed nursing career with renewed vigor at Leader Nursing home before ascending to Assistant Director of Nursing position at Valley Crest Nursing Home where her work demonstrated compassion, leadership and the tireless desire to improve patient care.

Personal Life and Legacy

Catherine lived a full and satisfying personal life as well. After meeting Harry “Hank” Ball at a St. Patrick’s Day party at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, they fell deeply in love and spent 58 years together, producing four children, ten grandchildren, and making many memories together from Broadway performances to family gatherings that highlighted their mutual affection and respect.

Catherine (popularly known as “Clancy”) or Teasie was beloved among her 26 nieces and nephews across 12 states. Their closeness speaks volumes for her warmth, charisma, and the effort she invested into their relationships.

Catherine’s hobbies, which included crocheting, game shows, casino visits and Broadway shows reflected her zest for life and ability to find pleasure in diverse experiences. Coupled with her devotion to family and career duties, these interests demonstrated she lived life fully, taking joy in both personal passions as well as professional obligations with equal enthusiasm.

Lasting Impact

Catherine left a lasting legacy not only through her nursing career but also in the lives she touched through raising a strong, loving family and making meaningful contributions to the community. Catherine made a lasting impactful mark through nursing homes as an important leader and carer – her leadership and compassion not merely professional duties but rather reflections of who she truly was – caring, determined and always striving to make a difference.

On April 28th 2022 at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Lancaster, PA was an elegant Mass of Christian Burial that marked Catherine’s life so fully lived. Attended by friends and family alike, it served not simply to commemorate but celebrate all she achieved and those impacted. Conestoga Memorial Park provided loved ones a place where they could return, remember, and reflect on one of history’s great characters whose influence will live on for decades to come.

Catherine Theresa Ball’s life journey was marked by love, commitment and service. From her early days in Wilkes-Barre to Lancaster in her later years, Catherine epitomized compassion, family values, and community involvement. Catherine left an incredible legacy that will live on through her children, grandchildren and those influenced by her. While Catherine may no longer be here physically, her spirit continues to inspire those she touched; reminding us all the significance of dedication, family ties and the profound effect one individual can have on the lives of many.

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