Eric Carr Obituary and Cause Of Death, At 41 Years Old When He Died!

Anders Eric Carr, better known by friends and family as Eric, was born June 10, 1959 in Glenview, Illinois to an abundant and loving family of nine children. Raised in an environment where family values of love, hard work and family were instilled, Eric went on to build an extraordinary life that followed him throughout. His parents provided guidance through teaching values such as family unity and hard work that served him throughout his journey in life.

Education and Career

Eric’s academic journey and professional career were marked by dedication and success. After attending Glenbrook South High School where he first showed an aptitude for engineering and technology, he continued this passion by graduating from DeVry Institute of Technology with a degree in engineering.

Eric was an exceptional engineer renowned for his dedication and skill. For 30 years he honed his craft at Motorola – an organization he had long dreamed of joining since childhood – where his work represented more than simply a job; rather it fulfilled one of his earliest aspirationsal goals. Later, Protective Life Insurance Company provided him the chance to do even better as an engineer.

Personal Life

Personal Life Eric was not only distinguished professionally; his personal life was equally rewarding and full of laughter. An enthusiastic advocate of all things electronic, his hobbies reflected this by including anything from playing piano tunes of his choice to tending his garden and building model airplanes – each was an expression of who he was as an individual.

Eric was known for his generous nature. Always willing to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return, Eric touched many lives through kindness, humor, and warmth; becoming a beloved figure within his community.

A Man of Many Loves

Eric was truly blessed by his marriage to Eileen (nee Genzlinger), his best friend and loving wife for 22 years. Together they created a life full of love and mutual respect that spoke volumes for their commitment.

Eric was devoted to his family, enduring with them through their struggles. He is survived by Shirley (Dave) Thomas, Linda (Larry) Muller and Briget (Tony) Sanfilippo; as well as David Carr with wife Margie who adored him as much as their biological mother did. Eric took great pride in being uncle to 35 nieces and nephews as well as 14 great-grand nieces and nephews he cherished very dearly.

Legacy and Memory

Legacy and Memory Tragically, Eric passed away on June 17, 2023 leaving behind an incredible legacy of love, hard work and kindness in his wake. He is predeceased by both parents Bradley Weldon Carr and Shirley Anderson Carr as well as siblings Helen Fuller Marie Szkalak James Carr Michael Carr as well as niece Alanna Szkalak.

Eric’s memory serves as an exemplar. His life reminds us to pursue our passions, cherish those we care for deeply, and live life generously and kind. His homemade pickles and warm embraces will be sorely missed but forever remembered by all who knew him.

A Lasting Tribute

As Eric was passionate about animals, his family asks that in lieu of flowers donations be made to an animal shelter instead – as this gesture embodies his kind spirit and love of all living beings he so dearly cared about throughout his life.

As we reflect upon Eric’s life, we are reminded of the profound effect one individual can have on those they know and love. His journey was one filled with love, learning, and giving, leaving indelible marks on everyone he touched – Anders Eric Carr is missed deeply but never forgotten.

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