Fun Ideas For Incorporating Unicorn Coloring Pages Into Kids’ Activities

Unicorn coloring pages can be included in your child’s activities in magical ways!  From mystical coloring parties to DIY crafts, and whimsical scavenger hunts, these super fun ideas will fuel their imagination.

Be it just a simple color session or an elaborate themed party; here are some cool ideas on how to make your child’s world become full of unicorn magic.

Unicorn Coloring Party

Rather than having a normal color session, why don’t you turn it into something magical? Organize a unicorn coloring party for your child with his or her friends!

Set up tables with various unicorn coloring pages, crayons, markers and glitter glue. Allow the youngsters to open up their minds as they convert these lovely animals from fairy tales into living drawings on paper.

To increase excitement levels provide unicorn-themed refreshments such as rainbow cupcakes, cotton candy clouds or unicorn popcorns. On top of that have a photo booth ready complete with backgrounds and props so that participants can have memorable moments. 

As music fills the airwaves with laughter all around, your kid will experience fun while celebrating the beauty of unicorns through art together with other friends.

Illustrating Unicorn Tales

Let them imagine and tell stories through colors about this fantasy land called Unicorns. Select an interesting story book related to Unicorns or any fairy tale then read it aloud for your kid. 

Let them see what they hear as characters in their minds every time they listen to the unfolding narration. After reading out loud, provide coloring sheets that depict some instances in the book or characters so that they can fill them in with paints. 

While doing this, let them also say their version of the story or other adventures for the characters. By so doing, they will not only have improved on their creativity and storytelling skills but have also grown to love reading and imagination.

DIY Unicorn Creations

Beyond color pages, ignite your child’s inner artist with DIY unicorn crafts. For example, make unicorn masks, paper plate unicorns or unicorn bookmarks.

Provide them with templates along with materials such as sequins, glitters feathers or even rainbow-based papers to put some style into their project. 

You can try making some unicorn slime or play dough at home using the basic ingredients like glue, glitter and food coloring.

Allow your child to add on things that represent a unicorn in their slime/playdough like little figurines or plastic gems. 

This activity is not only fun but helps children explore sensory aspects of touch while developing hand-eye coordination through fine motor skills practice.

Unicorn Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt themed around Unicorns can turn any day into an extraordinary adventure. Create a list containing various items related to unicorns or clues leading to hidden coloring pages then hide them all over within your compound.

Some of these could be toys depicting unicorns, photos of unicorns or a clue that leads to the next place where it is hidden. Issue each of the kids either a map or list for marking the treasure locations before they set off on this amazing quest. 

In order for them to solve riddles together and find out secrets about magic lands it is necessary that you let teamwork prevail in them as they work together towards one goal.

Small prizes or treats should be rewarded to them from the scavenger hunt as a way of appreciating their effort. 

Unicorn Dance Party

Host a dance party while dressed like unicorns. Use decorations that are colorful, streamers that have glitters and songs associated with unicorn which are cheerful.

Encourage the children to wear their preferred unicorn costumes or related items like headbands or tutus. Unicorn coloring pages and markers can be provided for those who want to take a break from dancing while listening to music.

With shiny disco lights and laughter echoing through your room, your child and their friends will have a magical day dancing away.


Coloring unicorn pages is not just an activity but an opportunity to explore imagination, creativity, and endless possibilities.

It could be that perfect time for you to have unicorn coloring parties, create DIY unicorn artworks or even go on wonderful treasure hunting games – this list will surely spark joy in young hearts. 

If you need free unicorn coloring pages, many online resources offer numerous types of such sheets for each age group of children. 

From simple outlines to intricate designs; there’s definitely a unicorn coloring page perfect for every beginner! 

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