Gen Z Tiktoker, a Novel Approach to News Consumption in The Tik Tok Era

TikTok influencers like Kelsey Russell are leading an innovative new way of providing news. Traditional media consumption among younger audiences is falling dramatically and new media companies like TikTok offer no alternative solution. Russell, a 23-year-old New York graduate student, has successfully leveraged TikTok to reach an audience that traditionally rejects traditional news formats. Posting videos that combine lifestyle content with summaries of print news stories from reputable sources such as The New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she has gained over 88,000 followers. Her strategy involves mixing engaging narratives about issues like healthcare and climate change with everyday lifestyle snippets to make news digestible for an online generation accustomed to fast-moving social media feeds.

Russell’s innovative approach echoes a larger trend on TikTok, in which news consumption increasingly relies on “news influencers” rather than direct engagement with mainstream media outlets. Pew Research Center data supports this shift: 14% of US adults now turn to TikTok as their news source compared with only 9% using traditional news organizations as reported by Pew. This demographic shift poses an immense challenge to traditional news organizations looking to maintain relevance in a digital environment.

TikTok as a News Source

TikTok stands out from traditional journalism by being able to present complex issues from relatable, peer-like figures like Russell. Their near-peer educational approach resonates more powerfully with younger audiences than what can sometimes feel like distant and biased reporting from traditional outlets like mainstream journalism. Not only does this approach democratize news consumption but it also fosters trust and authenticity between viewers – something influencers’ success at doing has caused a reevaluation of what roles news sources should play and what their presentation should look like online.

However, this new paradigm presents its own set of difficulties. A Northwestern study showed that TikTok’s algorithms and design impede exposure to traditional news sources, creating a fragmented and polarized landscape of information. Furthermore, TikTok treats all content equally and may spread misinformation or low quality news through its app.

TikTok represents an immense opportunity for traditional media companies. By adapting its unique format and capitalizing on influencer-driven content, news influencers present traditional media with an opportunity to reach an audience previously inaccessible to them. However, doing this requires an innovative strategy for content delivery based on authenticity, relatability and engagement that resonates with a generation that places greater value in peer perspectives than institutional voices.

Toward a More Engaged Future

TikTok Influencers and News Consumption TikTok influencers have proven successful at engaging young audiences with news content on TikTok, offering traditional media an alternative path for innovation. As trust and engagement decline among younger demographics, platforms like TikTok present news organizations with an opportunity for disruption – by adopting strategies that prioritize relatable and engaging articles they can bridge the divide between traditional journalism and the needs and preferences of digital native generations.

Kelsey Russell’s efforts highlight an imperative for the news industry: to adapt and evolve in response to an ever-evolving media environment. Although challenges exist when it comes to monetization and countering misinformation, the potential exists for creating an engaged, informed public. With news consumption shifting away from print newspapers towards social media platforms like Snapchat or Facebook Live, the ability of this sector to use influencers effectively in creating engaging content will become ever more critical for reaching younger audiences.


TikTok news influencers represent a paradigm shift in how news is consumed and understood by younger generations. By welcoming this change and exploiting its unique opportunities, the news industry can create a more engaged, informed, and diverse audience base. Key components to success lie within relatability, authenticity and direct engagement principles which define TikTok news consumption experience.

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