Henry Blackaby Obituary What Happened To Henry Blackaby?

Henry Blackaby was a respected pastor, author and spiritual guide renowned among Christian communities for his profound impact on discipleship through his best-selling Bible study “Experiencing God.” This article pays a fitting tribute to his life, ministry and legacy that will live on.

Early Life and Ministry

Henry Blackaby began his spiritual journey on April 15, 1935 in British Columbia. A pivotal event occurred when he accepted a call to serve as pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which was on its way out. Under his leadership, it flourished into one of Saskatoon’s premier congregations – eventually sponsoring 38 churches as well as sponsoring an entire college! This period in Blackaby’s life formed his understanding of ministry and God’s work within community settings.

Experiencing God: A Transformative Bible Study

Henry Blackaby and co-author Claude King took their pastoral experiences and transformed them into the groundbreaking Bible study, “Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.” Its core message encouraged believers to observe where God is at work in ministry efforts and join in, challenging the human-centric approach prevalent at that time. Since its release, this guide has sold over 8 million copies in English alone and been translated into more than 75 different languages – having an immense effect on Christian education and discipleship worldwide.

A Life of Service and Spiritual Leadership

Blackaby dedicated his life to ministry, acting as pastor, speaker, and director of prayer and spiritual awakening for the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board. His approach emphasized having an active personal relationship with God that inspired numerous individuals and congregations worldwide. Blackaby Ministries International was created so as to continue spreading his message of experiencing Him every day of life.

Overcoming Adversity

Blackaby faced an immense personal test in 2013, when he went missing for over 24 hours following a heart attack while driving. When found, emergency open heart surgery took place immediately afterwards, showing his resilience as well as being sustained by prayers from those touched through his ministry and serving as proof to family and followers that faith can provide strength in times of trouble. This episode served as an enduring testament for Blackaby himself as well as those around him to believe in the strength of faith during difficult times.

A Legacy Remembered

Richard Blackaby, current President of Blackaby International Ministries and son, issued a statement lamenting Henry Blackaby’s passing while honoring his extraordinary life, reflecting upon its lasting spiritual impact and noting its loss by many individuals and communities alike. Describing him as “spiritual giant”, Richard highlighted both loss felt personally by many but also celebrated this extraordinary life who helped countless individuals connect more closely to God through prayer.

Blackaby left an indelible legacy for future generations through his five children, 14 grandchildren and ministry work. His teachings–particularly “Experiencing God”–continue to inspire and guide new believers who join his congregations.

Conclusion: A Spiritual Giant’s Enduring Influence

Henry Blackaby exemplified God’s will throughout his life and ministry, from pastoral work, writings, personal example and sermons, through writings, speaking engagements, personal example and personal witness. Through pastoral work, writings and personal witness, Blackaby demonstrated the profound effects of living closer to the Divine. Countless Christians still follow in his footsteps today as his legacy of faith, devotion and spiritual guidance remains an enduring beacon to help strengthen their relationships with the Almighty. His teachings continue to resonate globally and ensure his influence will endure far into the future.

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