Is Rupal Patel Is Alive or Not, What Happened To Rupal Patel?

Rupal Patel began her life journey on September 7, 1978 in Lusaka, Zambia and made an indelible mark upon many lives. Her early years were heavily shaped by Zambia’s culture – something which would remain important throughout her life. Her parents, Vinod and Pratibha Patel provided a nurturing environment before ultimately moving them all to Toronto Canada where they still reside today – marking yet another new chapter for Rupal as she experienced new experiences and opportunities along her path.

Rupal pursued her academic aspirations at the esteemed University of Toronto. Here, she found an academic niche combining both her love for science and deep-seated desire to make positive contributions in society – pharmaceutical science. Graduating with both an undergraduate degree as well as an understanding of its potential impacts, Rupal now stands poised for an excellent career ahead.

Personal Life

Rupal made an important step forward in her life in Toronto when she met Kevin Patel and they came together, sharing values and dreaming together before marrying on May 22, 2004. Their union marked both lifelong partnership and merging of dreams and aspirations into one. By 2005, however, they made another important decision together and relocated to South Bend area of Indiana – marking an exciting new phase in their lives.

Rupal took great pride in her role as mother. With Kevin as their partner, they welcomed three daughters – Aarya, Akshara and Aashi Patel – into their family lives. Rupal devoted herself wholeheartedly to creating an atmosphere conducive to family life – from professional commitments to raising her daughters while at the same time nurturing and providing an engaging home environment. Amisha and Rinal Patel played vital roles in Rupal’s life by sharing both joys and challenges of motherhood together.

Professional Journey

Rupal’s professional journey was marked by an undivided dedication to excellence in her field of pharmaceutical science, making her expertise available and visible for others around her. Moving to South Bend did not change this passion, rather providing opportunities to explore further and have an impactful effect in the community.

Rupal was known for going beyond her professional role to offer compassionate assistance or listening ear. Both colleagues and clients admired her professional integrity as she understood and empathized with others’ needs. Rupal made an indelible mark in the pharmaceutical field with her work touching many lives through which her legacy will live on.

Legacy and Farewell

Tragically, Rupal’s journey was abruptly cut short on Tuesday evening, November 23, 2021 when she died at the Center for Hospice Care in Mishawaka, IN, leaving behind an extraordinary life filled with love, commitment and service that her loved ones mourn as they remember what an incredible life she lived.

Rupal will be honored at her funeral service which will take place on November 28, 2021 at Palmer Funeral Home-Hickey Chapel located at 17131 Cleveland Road in South Bend, Indiana at 10:00 am. Those whose lives were touched by Rupal can come together on this solemn occasion to share memories and celebrate her amazing journey.

Rupal Patel achieved more in her 43 years than many can hope to. Her influence extended far and wide, touching lives across continents and touching every part of her world. We remember this remarkable woman with sadness as well as inspiration – her legacy will serve to remind us how extraordinary life truly was.

In Memoriam

Rupal Patel lived an extraordinary, yet short, life filled with purpose, love and dedication to improving lives around her. When we reflect upon her life we are reminded of its importance; compassion, commitment and the lasting legacy she left will forever be felt through family members, work colleagues and those she touched – her legacy will live on through family members, work colleagues and the many lives touched. Rest in Peace Rupal; Your memory will forever serve as an inspiring beacon.

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