Jacob Carter Obituary What Caused Him to Die?

Tacoma, Washington has been left reeling by the sudden and heartbreaking loss of Jacob Carter, co-owner of Howdy Bagel. Jacob, an influential and beloved member of Tacoma community since 2010, passed away suddenly while vacationing in New Orleans with Daniel Blagovich on January 5, 2024 – leaving an irreparable hole both for family, friends, and the wider community who cherished both him and his business. His sudden passing has profoundly shaken lives both personally and professionally alike.

Howdy Bagel’s Journey

Jacob Carter and Daniel Blagovich established Howdy Bagel during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 amidst significant uncertainty and hardship. Both having lost their jobs due to economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic, they began creating and delivering homemade bagels to friends and family from their home kitchen – their commitment and passion for food were core tenets of their business that eventually expanded into Tacoma with storefront opening for its delicious bagels!

Jacob and Daniel’s passion for food and cooking was at the core of Howdy Bagel. They dedicated many hours, sometimes working through the night or early morning hours, perfecting their bagel recipes – creating delectable bagels as well as delightful spreads (schmears) which proved immensely popular with customers. From facing job layoffs to running a successful bagel business is testament to both Jacob and Daniel’s resilience as individuals as well as appreciation from their community of their culinary skills.

Circumstantial Information Remains Unclear

At this time, details regarding Jacob’s untimely death remain uncertain and specific details have yet to be shared with the community or Jacob’s loved ones. As more information becomes available, more details will be shared as soon as possible – this period of uncertainty has been difficult for all who knew Jacob; leaving many questions and grief.

As an expression of community support in response to this tragedy, Stevi Hamill and Scout McLaughlin have begun fundraising efforts in support of Daniel Blagovich and Howdy Bagel during their difficult time. Donations will go toward covering costs related to running Howdy Bagel as well as employee wages – this gesture of solidarity honoring Jacob and Daniel’s impactful lives within their locality.

Remarkable Generosity

The fundraiser set with an initial goal of $50k has received an astounding response. As of September 28, 2016, over 1,400 generous donations have raised $93,648 USD! This remarkable display of generosity from our community shows appreciation and love for Howdy Bagel and its founders; funds will be used for shop rent, operating expenses and employee wages to ensure its survival during this difficult period.

Contributing to the Cause

Anyone interested in making a contribution can find additional information at the GoFundMe page dedicated to supporting Daniel Blagovich and Howdy Bagel can visit its GoFundMe page, “Support for Daniel Blagovich and Howdy Bagel.” Every donation, no matter its size, helps Daniel and the team at Howdy Bagel through this trying time. Donations go beyond financial aid alone – they represent an opportunity for the community to come together in honoring Jacob’s memory by supporting his life’s work and taking up his legacy.

Jacob Carter’s death marks more than just the loss of a local business owner; it marks the loss of an ardent individual whose passion was for food, bringing joy, flavor, and community spirit to Tacoma through Daniel and Howdy Bagel. While Tacoma struggles to cope with his passing, Daniel and Howdy Bagel stand as testaments to Jacob’s lasting impact and legacy he leaves behind.

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