James Sudduth Obituary & Cause Of Death, Who Is James Sudduth? & Is Alive Or Not?

James Clyde Sudduth was an esteemed member of Hamilton, Mississippi community who left an immeasurable legacy upon his peaceful passing at 95 on February 6, 2024 at North Mississippi Medical Center surrounded by family. James’ final days there marked an amazing life filled with love, familial bonds and unwavering commitment to community enrichment; one that will live on as an inspiration for all those who knew him.

Family and Legacy

James Clyde was more than just a family man: he was a fortress of love and tradition. Born into a close-knit family, he shared his childhood with Charles Lywood Sudduth and Edith Lott; although both later passed on, James Clyde carried forward their memories and traditions with pride and dignity. His marriage to Charlene Sudduth proved it; their daughter Kathy became not just their child but an integral symbol of their bond and hopes for their future together.

James Clyde’s role as grandfather to James Clay Graben brought new dimensions of joy into his life, enabling him to pass down family traditions and values with James’ great-granddaughter Lucy James Graben as she entered life – giving her guidance with wisdom, kindness and generosity as her guide. James Clyde also left an imprintful mark in Hamilton community due to his extensive involvement with church activities and local events; he quickly became beloved figure.

Community Spirit

Hamilton, Mississippi will remember James Clyde for both his community spirit and familial devotion. An active member of Hamilton First Baptist Church, James not only fostered his spiritual development but also made significant contributions to its life and community life. Through participation or supporting of local events he demonstrated his belief in strong community ties and the value of service.

Plans are underway for his memorial service at Hamilton First Baptist Church on February 10, 2024 and burial at Love Joy Cemetery to commemorate a life that was rich with meaning. Open to anyone wishing to pay their respects, the service promises to pay tribute to one who lived his life with love, family and community at its core.

The Enduring Legacy

James Clyde Sudduth leaves behind more than just sorrow for his family; his passing also leaves Hamilton without its cornerstone of strength and love, Charlene Sudduth, daughter Kathy S. Graben with Steve Graben as husband, grandson James Clay Graben (Macy), Lucy James Graben as great-granddaughter, Betty Fay Wray being his legacy bearers who will carry forward James Clyde’s spirit while embodying all that he embodied throughout his life.

James Clyde Sudduth left an incredible legacy of resilience and deep familial affection within his Sudduth family. After losing all four siblings as well as both of his parents James Elton Sudduth and Monterie Cook Sudduth, his life served as a powerful testament to family strength; through loved ones and community support he found strength to overcome any adversities along his journey.


Conclusion James Clyde Sudduth’s death serves as a sobering reminder of both life’s fragility and its lasting legacy. While Hamilton, Mississippi grieves the passing of one of their beloved residents, there is also hope and joyous celebration of a life characterized by ethical living and humanistic principles. His tale, an engaging mix of personal triumph and communal service, offers lessons in love, resilience and the value of family and community. James Clyde Sudduth will always remain an inspiration to those privileged enough to know him, his legacy living on through future generations who emulate his kindness, generosity and community involvement. May his soul rest in eternal peace while continuing his legacy by inspiring future generations with kindness, generosity, and commitment that was evident during his lifetime.

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