Joey Harris Obituary, How Did He Died? and Who Is Joey Harris?

Joseph Lee Harris Jr. (joey), known to all his loved ones simply as Joey, lived his entire 48 years of life in Lafayette with an everlasting impactful legacy that continues today. Born and raised within this vibrant community, Joey found joy in both simple pleasures as well as deeper commitments; early life witnessed strong family ties which only became stronger as his life progressed.

Joey’s academic journey was an inspiring tale of hard work and persistence. After six long years pursuing education for personal gain and contributing to his community – Joey eventually earned his master’s degree – a proud moment shared with Leola Poulard (see photo) who proudly held up their degree together as they shared this achievement together in celebration. Education meant so much more to Joey than simply attaining knowledge – his pursuit was not solely focused on knowledge acquisition but included personal growth alongside its benefits to society at large.

A Life of Quiet Faith

Joey found strength and guidance through attending daily Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church. Joey’s faith served as his cornerstone, providing strength to carry out daily duties as an adult and providing him direction with regards to decisions such as marrying his girlfriend of 16 years, Anna. Attendance at its morning services at 6 am wasn’t just routine – rather, Joey saw this time spent attending as an integral expression of devotion and belief – defining him personally, reflectively, and integral to who he was as an individual.

Joey displayed this characteristic when dealing with his health challenges, too. His courage in facing his illness with dignity, as well as ensuring it didn’t burden those around him, showed just how selfless and gentle-natured Joey truly was – evidenced in how unruffled life could remain around him even during times when circumstances seemed daunting or burdensome for others. His close circle knew him only as someone who kept quiet regarding their struggles but Joey wanted those closest to him remain undisturbed by it all.

Joey and His Beagles

Joey loved spending his free time with his beagle dogs; these loving companions weren’t simply pets – they were part of his family, confidants, and source of happiness. Joey showed them great compassion by showing his dogs love; this care and attention showed what type of caring and nurturing person Joey truly was; these moments offered Joey peace from life’s complexity.

Joey Left an Impact On His Community

Joey’s funeral attracted an outpouring of love and support that speaks volumes of how deeply his presence touched so many. Even during his more subdued lifestyle, his presence could often be felt throughout his community; Sean, Juan, Greg, and Inger extended thanks to all who extended assistance during this difficult period as testament to Joey’s revered memory and commitment.

His family are filled with gratitude for all of the support received, especially through this community outreach, showing just how his spirit brought people closer in both life and death.

Legacy and Reflection

Joey Harris Jr’s life may not have been marked by large achievements or public accolades, but it was filled with qualities that matter – kindness, faith and love. Joey opted for quiet existences with devotion to religion and pets alike that show his legacy is significant yet understated – an example that significant contributions often come in less obvious forms than one expects.

At Joey’s memorial service, we remember him to remember the power of living life with sincerity and humility. His journey serves as an inspiring example to cherish the simple joys that exist each day in life while building strong connections within family, communities and ourselves while facing any life’s obstacles with grace and courage.

Joey left this world quietly and with grace on April 6, 2019, being laid to rest at Fountain Memorial Cemetery. Though his life may seem modest to others, its impact still resonates deeply in those fortunate enough to know him and remember his contributions.

Joseph Lee Harris Jr’s life stands as an inspiring testament of how an ordinary life can have such a significant and positive influence. His legacy will continue to guide those left behind and inspire future generations – truly making his death count for something.

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