Joshua Dubois Obituary, At 41 Years Old When He Died!

Joshua Dean DuBois, aged 41, passed away peacefully in Nashville, TN, leaving behind an incredible legacy of love, simple pleasures, and treasured memories for those he touched during his brief yet extraordinary life. His passion for outdoor adventure combined with his deep feelings for his family will forever be celebrated and remembered fondly by all.

Early Life and Family

Joshua was blessed to have been raised in an intimate family environment. He was loved and cared for by both Janie Diane Romines and Floyd DuBois (Vickie), along with Shirley Crow, Arval Sesler and Linda Sesler who played an invaluable role in his early development. Joshua developed an incredibly close bond with both of them; often being described as his mother and grandmother’s ‘Momma and Nanna’s boy’

Joshua’s family connections extended far beyond his immediate family. He was the brother to Anthony “Yak” DuBois (Brandi), Travis Romines, and Andrew Garmon – and an uncle to Chasity and AJ DuBois as well. Joshua found immense strength and happiness from being part of such a close-knit network in life.

Personal Life and Interests

Joshua lived an abundance of simple pleasures and deep bonds in his life. He found solace in nature’s splendor, often spending his free time outdoors. Country music and fishing were not simply hobbies for Joshua; rather they reflected his appreciation of simple pleasures in life.

Joshua was an extrovert who enjoyed every moment, from sipping vodka or smoking cigarettes, to finding joy and satisfaction in simple daily rituals like sipping his vodka or smoking a cigarette. Joshua knew exactly how to find contentment even in mundane everyday tasks and situations.

Joshua DuBois Was an Eternally Loving Father and Husband

Joshua DuBois held two roles dear to his heart: that of fatherhood and marriage. He is survived by his three children Nicholas Dean DuBois, Jaysen Aries DuBois and stepdaughter Eren Chandler who will forever hold memories of his love and dedication as their father. Joshua lived his fatherhood each day through every interaction or shared moment between himself and them.

Joshua embarked on his life-long partnership journey alongside Erica DuBois. Their life together, filled with shared dreams and mutual support, speaks volumes of their profound affection.

Community Connections

Joshua left an indelible imprint on those around him, far beyond his immediate family. As a friend, neighbor, and community member who left an impressionful mark without much fanfare or recognition from outside sources, his passing left a profound void that only his absence can fill. It is testament to the depth of these relationships as they express our sincerity of interaction.

Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life To honor Joshua’s life and legacy, West Harpeth Funeral Home will host a Celebration of Life Service beginning at 11:00 a.m. on June 23, 2021. Hubert Cunningham will preside at this service which serves as a fitting tribute to him and those whom his life touched.

Joshua will be laid to rest at Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens with family and friends acting as pallbearers to give a fitting tribute. Joshua’s final journey will be filled with love and respect from everyone present.

Final Farewell

Visitation will take place Tuesday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and again Wednesday from 10:00 am until his funeral service hour, providing an opportunity for all who knew and loved Joshua to gather, share memories and show their support for his family.

At these visitations hours, stories will be told and tears shed, but most importantly Joshua’s life – his love of simple pleasures, his devotion to family life, and joy in everyday moments – will be honored and celebrated.

Legacy and Memory

Joshua Dean DuBois left an indelible mark on all who knew him; from his appreciation of simple pleasures to his dedication to family life and joy in everyday events. Joshua will be sorely missed, yet his spirit will live on in our hearts as long as anyone had the privilege of knowing him.

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