Matthew Piazza Obituary & Cause Of Death, At 34 Years Old When He Died!

Major Matthew Piazza left behind a huge hole when he passed suddenly at Tripler Army Medical Center on Oahu, Hawaii at 34 years old. Matt’s life was full of laughter and unwavering patriotism – something his family, friends, and loved ones will miss dearly. Born to Philip and Darlene Piazza of Tully, New York with brother Michael as part of their clan, Matt exemplified.

A Vibrant Spirit

Matt was known for his infectious sense of humor and vibrant spirit, always living life to its fullest. A storyteller with tales that brought laughter and smiles from everyone he encountered, his charm and charisma were treasured by all he met; beloved father to Bode and Lyle respectively as well as loving husband to Megan (his wife). Matt leaves behind an unforgettable legacy full of love, laughter, and commitment that lives on through many.

Matt was passionate in everything he did, from loving his family unconditionally to serving his country with pride and honor. Matt took great delight in following Joe Rogan podcasts and had an amusing ritual involving army boots that his sons enjoyed unpacking as soon as their Dad arrived, signaling the arrival of “fun parent.”

A Soldier’s Journey

Major Piazza’s 11-year career in the Army was filled with adventure, accomplishment and his distinctive approach to service. His path took him from Savannah, Georgia to Richmond, Virginia; then Colorado Springs Colorado then Baldwinsville New York before Oahu Hawaii where his service included deployments to Afghanistan Europe as well as Alaska recently! Known for achieving exceptional results his promotions and accomplishments were testaments of Matt’s dedication and innovative ways of fulfilling missions.

As an athlete since childhood, Matt excelled at ski racing and lacrosse while at VMI and eventually developed a deep passion for golf; playing all notable courses on Oahu. Still passionate about skiing however, Matt made sure yearly trips were taken to escape Hawaii’s hot climate to the slopes.

Matt was an embodiment of patriotism; an American soldier in every sense. He proudly donned his uniform with pride, serving his nation without question or wavering in its defense. His presence served as a constant reminder of valor and servicemember spirit, embodying red, white, and blue in everything that he did.

Honoring Matt’s Legacy

A private family service was held on Oahu on January 18th to remember Matt. Plans are in the works for a celebration of his life later this year when his family returns home, so as to reflect the joy and patriotism Matt embodied throughout his life.

Major Matthew Piazza left behind an inspiring legacy of joy, dedication, and indomitable spirit. His life exemplified what can happen when one lives passionately while serving with integrity – one which continues to influence and impact those whose lives he touched as well as those who learn of his story. We remember Major Piazza to reflect upon how one individual can have such an enormous effect on so many, while we mourn his absence; yet in this sadness lies also an opportunity to celebrate a life lived fully; remember him fondly while living life with passion akin to what Matt demonstrated each day he displayed daily!

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