Michael Gibbons Obituary What Happened To Michael Gibbons?

Michael Gibbons left a lasting impactful legacy, both locally and worldwide. Let us learn about his life story as well as his military service history as we investigate his contributions in Kirkwood, Missouri where he resided for so many years before leaving us behind.

Who Was Michael Gibbons?

Michael Gibbons was more than just his name – he was also an attentive husband, loving father, and doting grandfather who gave so much of himself for their family. Discover Michael Gibbons through this personal portrait.

Journey from New England to Kirkwood

Michael spent much of his early life along the New England coast, where he fostered an affinity for boat building and sailing. Learn about his upbringing as a child there as well as what led to him moving eventually to Kirkwood Missouri.

An Opportunity to Serve: Michael’s Military Service

Michael responded to his nation’s call of service in 1942 by enrolling in the United States Army and its various branches, such as France, Belgium and Germany, where he deployed and saw battle in its pivotal Battle of the Bulge campaign. Discover his significance with regards to Purple Heart awardee and sacrifices he made on its behalf.

Back to Kirkwood: An Educational Leader.

After World War II, Michael returned home and resumed his education, from graduating Kirkwood High School in 1942 all the way through Washington University and St Louis University School of Law – bearing witness to how war experiences affected postwar endeavors!

A Proven Reputation in Service.

Michael Gibbons distinguished himself not only in academic pursuits but also earned a stellar reputation among Kirkwood residents for serving their needs. Learn about all that Michael contributed to their community – roles he took on and the positive difference they made?

A Friend to All

One of Michael’s lasting qualities was his generosity of spirit in making friends everywhere he encountered. Investigate what effect his friendship had on those he came into contact with – why was he such an esteemed figure within Kirkwood, and did his friendship resonate among its citizens?

Michael Gibbons Lives On

As we remember Michael Gibbons, it is evident that his legacy lives on. Examine how his influence and inspiration continues to shape lives; how are his values being carried forward through those who loved and respected him.

Since Michael Gibbons passed on October 15, 2019, his family, friends, and community have come together to remember and pay their respects. Learn about the funeral service held on October 22 at Grace Episcopal Church as well as visitation at BOPP Chapel; how did these gather around Michael to pay our last respects?

Giving Back: Memorial Donations in Michael’s Memory

Instead of flowers, memorial contributions were suggested in lieu of floral wreaths for Grace Church, Kirkwood Kiwanis Club or Kirkwood YMCA in Michael Gibbons’ memory. Learn the significance of each organization as you explore their causes – learn what Michael Gibbons stood for – how these memorials continue his commitment to service and community involvement?

A Life Well-Lived

Michael Gibbons lived his life to its fullest. From Massachusetts to Missouri and beyond – from World War II battlegrounds to education and community service halls – we honor him for leaving an exemplary legacy behind that inspires all who follow in his footsteps today. We celebrate him.

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