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Randy N. Kerstetter was an esteemed member of Milton, Connecticut community until his sudden passing during a camping trip on September 2, 2023. Born November 10 1947 in Lewisburg, Randy lived a life full of service, commitment, and involvement within his local community – leaving a lasting impactful legacy behind. This article delves further into his life and legacy.

Early Life

Randy began his life journey in Lewisburg, born to Nelson G. and Lois J. (Bohner) Kerstetter who predeceased him. Although both parents passed before he could arrive on this earthly plane, Randy developed strong resilience and strength during his upbringing at Milton High School before continuing his quest for knowledge at Williamsport Area Community College where he earned a degree that laid a foundation for future endeavors.

Family Ties

Randy was an ardent family man. His marriage to Susan E. Iddings lasted 49 years, which speaks volumes to their commitment. Their family grew with Kurtis’ marriage to Jodie Kerstetter; Randy found immense satisfaction as grandparent to Adam, Sarah and Nathan Kerstetter as well as leaving behind brothers Ronald E. Kerstetter of Milton and Lori J. Coughlin from Alexandria Virginia.

Professional and Military Service

Randy had an extraordinary professional journey. Starting off his career at Leer in Milton, he later transitioned into driving for CSIU until finally retiring as one of their bus drivers. Additionally, Randy made an indelible mark upon society with his military service as an active-duty member in Vietnam for four years with the United States Navy; an experience which profoundly shaped both his professional life and personal values of discipline and service instilled through this time in his life.

As an engaged member of his community, Randy was an integral member of numerous local organizations and institutions. Most notably was his membership at Montandon American Legion Post 841 where he held the title of Commander; here his involvement reflected not only his military service commitment but also his dedication and passion for helping fellow veterans as well as being active within his local area.

Hobbies and Interests

Randy enjoyed many hobbies outside of work. Hunting and bowling were two activities he thoroughly enjoyed when younger. These provided him with an opportunity to connect with people through shared experiences outside the everyday, as well as show off his competitive spirit and love of nature.

Legacy and Remembrance

Randy N. Kerstetter’s passing leaves many feeling deeply bereft; yet his legacy endures through his family, community involvement, and lives touched. We remember him fondly as someone with honor, dedication, and love who lived life to its fullest, leaving an indelible mark on both family and community alike. As we bid him adieu we honor his life – one which left an indelible mark both locally and beyond!

As they remember Randy N. Kerstetter’s life was filled with purpose – unwavering commitments to family, country and community were hallmarks of his existence; those left behind should remember fondly those moments that brought joy – cherish the ones they shared together as you honor his legacy through acts of kindness and service that continue his traditions he held dear. Randy will forever remain dearly missed but never forgotten!

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