Paul Faye Tennessee, a Tennessee Man Was Arrested for Supposed Plot of Border Violence

FBI officials recently arrested a Tennessee resident suspected of plotting violence against migrants at the southern border of the US. This arrest sheds light on the troubling rhetoric around immigration and to what lengths individuals will go when acting on such beliefs.

Uncovering the Plot

Paul Faye, 55, found himself facing charges following an intensive investigation conducted by federal authorities. His alleged plan involved using explosives and sniper rifles against an anticipated “invasion” by migrants – further underscoring how extremist views can translate to real violence in real time. This case serves as a stark warning about extremism turning violent in real time.

Faye’s intentions became evident through conversations with undercover federal agents, where he expressed belief in an emerging patriot movement and expressed plans to inflame conflict by stirring up “patriots are going to rise up,” as quoted by the federal complaint. These disturbing words suggest an unsavoury mindset intended to promote inciting violent conflict.

Arrest and Charges

At the conclusion of an investigation that spanned over a year, Faye was arrested on charges related to possession of unregistered firearm. These stemmed from his attempts at selling an illegal suppressor to one of federal prosecutors’ agents – an interaction which was meticulously recorded by federal prosecutors – raising further concern about illegal arms sales that may compromise public safety. His arrest highlights an issue which persists – illegal arms sales which pose risks to public security.

Faye’s arrest can be traced back to his association with Tennessee militia member Brian Perry, previously indicted. Faye developed his plan over 18 months with militia groups across multiple states in order to bring explosive devices across borders.

Undercover Operations

The FBI engaged with Faye via social media platforms, particularly TikTok, where initial contact was established. From there it evolved into in-person meetings where Faye, under the false impression he wasn’t speaking to law enforcement agents, expressed his views about government actions and immigration – giving law enforcement valuable insights into his plans, preparations, including an “armed conflict room”.

Faye’s meticulous planning and gathering of resources–ammunition, firearms and tactical gear–show the severity of his threat. His deliberate targeting of migrants and coordination with similar groups indicate his intent to engage in acts of violence ostensibly motivated by patriotism.

Legal Proceedings and Family Perspective

Faye is just beginning his legal journey, with court appearance marking the initial step in what could lead to significant prison sentences for his alleged actions. According to charges levelled against him, they carry up to 10 years imprisonment; an indication of their severity.

Joseph Faye has come forward to defend his father and allege that any purported plot was more talk than action taken against them. His remarks to NBC News regarding nonviolence by Faye as opposed to violent behavior add an interesting personal twist and reveal how public perception can conflict with familial loyalty in this case.


Paul Faye’s arrest on charges related to plotting violence against migrants illuminates the dangerous intersection between extremist ideology and potential real-world harm, and law enforcement’s difficulty in recognizing and preventing acts of violence inspired by divisive rhetoric. As this case moves through legal channels, it will undoubtedly spark discussions around issues like security, immigration and radicalization among marginal groups of political discourse.

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