Paula Sunshine Obituary, Who Is Paula? What Happened To Her?

Paula Sunshine was an epitome of professionalism and commitment in the health insurance industry, who passed away suddenly at age 67 on February 3rd 2024, leaving a profound void among colleagues, family, and friends alike. Paula’s long and distinguished career at MBNA Bank and then Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia are testament to her exceptional skills and unfaltering dedication. Her impact was not limited to corporate success; she was an enthusiastic proponent for public service, contributing her expertise to the Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange Authority in 2019. This role showcased her dedication to increasing access and affordability of health care – cementing her place as an influential figure in Pennsylvania’s health care landscape.

Paula’s approach to leadership was marked by intelligence, empathy and a strategic mindset – qualities which not only propelled her professional journey but also empowered her to inspire those around her. At Independence Blue Cross – where she served as senior vice president and chief marketing executive – her efforts as senior vice president and chief marketing executive saw innovation and forward thinking approaches taken towards marketing within the health insurance sector. Under her stewardship the company made great strides in reaching out to members while creating an informed health-minded community.

A Legacy of Love

Paula Kagan left behind an immeasurable legacy of love through her family and commitment to community involvement. Married for forty years to Bob Kagan, Paula was an ardent parent to Micah, Sarah, Isaac and Eli as well as being the matriarch for Levi Gabriel and Simon whom she provided wisdom, laughter and unconditional affection for their own lives.

Paula held to her Jewish faith and active participation at Adath Israel Congregation in Merion Station, Pennsylvania as key components of her life and legacy. Her spirituality and commitment to her community was evidenced in both what she lived by and her legacy that will live on after her passing. Her family’s request that contributions in Paula’s memory go toward Brighter Horizon Foundation or Jewish Family and Children’s Service reflect Paula’s lifelong devotion to helping those in need and her belief in community support.

Paula Sunshine’s funeral service on February 5, 2024 at Adath Israel Congregation was not just an emotional farewell but also a way for those who knew her to come together in remembering an inspiring woman who lived a life filled with achievement, kindness, and deep commitment to family and community.

Paula Sunshine will be deeply missed; her absence will be felt across her community and family, not only professionally but personally as well. Paula leaves an indelible mark upon those she touched as well as public service initiatives she championed for decades to come. We shall all miss her dearly and keep Paula Sunshine’s memory alive with gratitude to future generations for the contributions made both within the health insurance industry and through public service efforts by Paula in mind.

Paula Sunshine serves as a reminder to us of the importance of leading with kindness, commitment, and an eye toward making an impactful difference in this world. Her life serves as an inspiration to those hoping to make their mark through both professional and personal efforts – it provides guidance for how best to do so – not only due to success but through love, service, and leaving an enduring legacy that will continue to influence.

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