Rick Howe Obituary And Cause Of Death, At 69 Years Old When He Died!

Rick Howe was one of Nova Scotia radio’s most beloved and distinctive voices, known for nearly 50 years as its spokesperson and mentor. Though his career ended when he decided to retire in 2021, his legacy as reporter, broadcaster, mentor, and friend continues to resonate throughout Nova Scotia and beyond. Howe will always be remembered fondly for his vibrant personality, distinct style and unwavering dedication to truth and justice.

A Storied Career

Rick Howe’s broadcasting journey is legendary. Since the early 1970s, Howe quickly made himself known with his sharp reporting and unique ability to engage listeners. Howe found fame at CJCH where he hosted “The Hotline,” as well as CityNews 95.7 (formerly News 957) with “The Rick Howe Show,” where he engaged the public on everything from local news and politics to social issues and was known for being an authoritative voice within his community.

Rick’s approach to broadcasting was both innovative and daring, frequently delving into contentious issues with an impartial sense of fairness that earned him respect from all quarters. His distinct look – colorful Hawaiian shirts with matching ball caps- became almost as well-known as his voice.

Beyond the Microphone

Rick Howe had an impactful legacy that extends far beyond his on-air presence. His dedication and service were celebrated by those who knew and worked alongside him, using journalism as an advocate for truth and justice. His dedication was founded upon an unshakeable faith in its transformative powers – something those who knew and worked alongside him continue to celebrate today.

Rick’s personal life was equally vibrant, highlighted by an intimate partnership with Yvonne Colbert – herself an esteemed broadcaster – who together formed an influential media duo that shared their lives with listeners and viewers across Nova Scotia. Additionally, as husband to Yvonne and father of his three sons he added relatability and charmed even further his audience.

A Mentor and Friend

Rick Howe made an invaluable contribution to broadcasting through his role as mentor and friend, according to Steve Murphy, another broadcaster and longtime friend. Since meeting in 1977, Murphy looked up to Howe as both teacher and supporter; indeed his advice helped shape many careers within broadcasting itself; an incredible testament of how willingly Howe shared his knowledge.

Murphy’s reflection of Howe’s passing encapsulates many who knew him: “Rick Howe was an original, outspoken and often controversial individual who always stood firm in his beliefs and advocated for truth and justice. This sentiment illustrates his profound effect on both personally and professionally he touched.”

Rick Howe’s Departure from Broadcasting

With the passing of Rick Howe at age 69, broadcasting giant and Nova Scotia icon Rick Howe marked an end to an era in Nova Scotia broadcasting. While his voice will no doubt be missed by thousands every day, his influence and legacy will live on. Howe left behind an inspiring legacy which will guide future generations of broadcasters.

Rick Howe will be deeply missed not just within broadcasting but by his family, friends, and countless listeners who shared his message for decades. We remember not just his broadcaster persona but rather honor a life well lived – an indelible mark made upon this world by someone so vibrantly passionate and caring as Rick Howe himself.

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