William Taylor Obituary And Cause of Death, How Did He Died?

William Henry Taylor was born January 24th 1939 in Easton Maryland to James and Ruth Taylor and lived a bustling household alongside two sisters and brothers – along with their respective parents James and Ruth Taylor and two other siblings James, Ruth, Margaret & William (John). Easton would go on to be his home for much of his life’s journey. It marked by strong community ties as well as close family ties that would ultimately define it for him.

Establishing a Family

William moved to Columbus, Georgia during his youth and married Carolyn – the love of his life. They soon settled down together, creating an idyllic life together characterized by love, challenges, and accomplishments. Over time they welcomed Tracy, William Jr. and Rodney into their family; all bringing unique joys and trials for him.

A Life of Work and Passion

William was dedicated to both work and family throughout his long and diverse career, working in various capacities showcasing his versatility and adaptability. While career demands could sometimes become demanding, family always came first – his dedication was only eclipsed by that shown to them.

Community Involvement

William was widely respected within his community for his generosity and willingness to lend a helping hand. He took part in various initiatives and events organized by local groups; giving back was central to his philosophy.

Family and Friends Cherish Fond Memories

William was famous for his engaging storytelling. His humorous yet insightful tales were always the highlight at family gatherings; particularly captivating for his grandchildren were tales from his youth and life experiences.

Later Years

As William progressed into his later years, he enjoyed living a quieter existence surrounded by family. He especially treasured spending time with his four grandchildren – imparting lessons while making memories that would last a lifetime.

A Legacy of Love

William Taylor left behind an immeasurable legacy of love, resilience and family unity; this will be felt deeply by his wife Carolyn as well as his children, grandchildren, sister Joyce and many nieces, nephews and cousins who loved and remembered him fondly.

Celebrating William

William will be honored at a memorial service scheduled to take place at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, June 4th 2019 at McMullen Funeral Home and Crematory. Guests are encouraged to share memories, reflect upon his lessons taught, and remember this man whom we all cherished deeply who will be greatly missed.

A Life Well-Lived

William Henry Taylor lived a life well lived, marked by love, dedication, and commitment to family and community. His journey is an example of the impact one individual can have on so many others’ lives; we carry forward his values of love, perseverance and the importance of family as we say our last goodbyes.

“In Loving Memory

Following the service, William Henry Taylor’s family invites friends and relatives to gather with them at his visitation for one final time to remember and celebrate a life well lived – one which not only touched his immediate family members but was admired across communities worldwide. William Henry Taylor will continue to inspire us all as we remember a life well lived that will leave behind an immeasurable legacy.

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