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As per Statista, the mHealth app market will reach 11 billion dollars by 2025. And this is only a conservative estimate. Driving this growth for healthcare providers and companies are healthcare app development companies like us. Over the years, DreamSoft4u has helped healthcare companies, small and big, use healthcare software development tools and technologies to grow and scale at pace.  

In this blog, we will share everything you need to know to grow your business using our top-of-the-line On-demand app development and custom healthcare software development services.

Healthcare Software Development Impact at a Glance

BusinessesIncreased revenueTelehealth services can generate $200 billion by 2025
Improved operational efficiencyStreamlined workflows reduce administrative costs by 15%
Market growthHealthcare software market to reach $64.9 billion by 2025 (CAGR 12.3%)

Best Web and Mobile Apps in Healthcare for Businesses

As a leading healthcare app development company, we offer businesses a range of business apps that they benefit from. Let’s take a look: 

1. Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) Solution:

Thanks to healthcare digital transformation, the demand for EHR systems is on the rise.   From small clinics to large enterprises, everybody needs EHR-based on demand app development solutions. With an EHR system, you can store, retrieve, and share patient records easily. But there are quantitative benefits too- leading to a 25% reduction in administrative overhead and a 20% increase in overall operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Patient Data Management
  • Collaborative Care Tools
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Interoperability
  • Secure Data Access and Storage

2. HIPAA Compliance Automation:

Governments around the globe are now mandating strict data governance and protection rules. Among these, the US federal regulation of HIPAA is the most sought-after. Why? Because top leading healthcare companies are US-based.

If you are also a US-based healthcare company, HIPAA-compliant healthcare software development can help you manage compliance needs hassle-free. Our solutions ensure the security of sensitive data, reducing compliance-related penalties by 30% and establishing a robust foundation for risk mitigation.

Key Features:

  • Automated Risk Assessments
  • Security Incident Management
  • Access Controls
  • Auditing and Monitoring
  • Documented Policies and Procedures

3. Telemedicine Applications:

With telemedicine apps, mobile app development opens up great opportunities for providers at every level. We design and implement telehealth solutions for all kinds of practice including startups and enterprises. Along with hassle-free consultations, our solutions have helped providers see a 40% rise in patient engagement and a 15% growth in patient base.

Key Features: 

  • Virtual Consultation Scheduling
  • Secure Video Conferencing
  • Electronic Health Record Integration
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Prescription Management

4. E-Prescription (ERx) Platform:

An e-prescription platform streamlines workflows and eliminates paper delays, minimizing errors by 25%. This means less hassle for you and safer medications for your patients. 

Key Features: 

  • Electronic Medication Prescribing
  • Medication Interaction Checking
  • Prescription History Tracking
  • Secure Communication with Pharmacies
  • Medication Allergy Alerts

5. HIS & Practice Management Solution:

Our all-in-one HIS and practice management software simplifies everything, lowering billing errors by 20% and increasing efficiency by 30%. Imagine the time saved – not just smoother operations but also a better reputation for your business!

Key Features: 

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Staff and Resource Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Reporting and Analytics

6. Health Information Exchange (HIE) Platform:

Tired of siloed patient data? Feeling the struggle of disjointed care?  Unlock the power of HIE with our custom software development services. Our HIE solutions connect the dots, streamlining data exchange and boosting patient care. 

Key Features: 

  • Patient Record Sharing
  • Data Standardization
  • Access Control Mechanisms
  • Real-time Information Exchange
  • Audit Trails

7. Pharmacy Management System:

Tired of cluttered shelves, messy workflows, and inconsistent medication routines? As a pharmacy owner, you know the challenges. What if you could simplify inventory, smooth operations, and improve medication adherence by 15%, all while benefiting your patients?

As a leading healthcare development company we have the right solution for you- a pharmacy management system. It cuts inventory costs by 20%, freeing up capital. With user-friendly features, it streamlines your work. 

Key Features:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Prescription Management
  • Patient Profiles
  • Dispensing Workflow
  • Automated Refill Reminders

8. RCM & Medical Billing Software:

Struggling with inefficient RCM? Dealing with paperwork, slow reimbursements, and tricky billing? Many healthcare businesses do. The impact on your revenue cycle can be significant.

DreamSoft4u custom healthcare software development services are here to assist. Cut your accounts receivable days by 15%, experience a 20% revenue increase, and bid farewell to billing headaches.

Key Features:

  • Automated Coding
  • Claims Processing
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Denial Management
  • Patient Billing and Statements

9. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS):

Transform your lab operations for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Our LIMS solution reduces turnaround time by 30%, allowing for quicker diagnoses and a 25% increase in laboratory throughput.

Key Features:

  • Sample Tracking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Quality Control
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integration with Lab Instruments

10. DICOM/PACS Solution:

Enhance collaboration and accelerate diagnoses. Our DICOM and PACS solution facilitates secure access and seamless sharing of medical images, resulting in a 20% reduction in diagnostic time and a 15% improvement in overall clinical collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Secure Image Archiving
  • Image Retrieval and Viewing
  • Multi-modality support
  • Collaborative Annotation Tools
  • Integration with Electronic Health Records

Setting a New Standard in Healthcare Software Development!

DreamSoft4U was founded in 2003, which means we have completed more than 20 years in software development. Over the years we have worked with healthcare businesses worldwide and built solutions that have made a positive impact on not just business growth but also patient outcomes. 

As a top healthcare app development company, our vision always has been to make the healthcare business more profitable and care more accessible and efficient for patients.

If you are also looking for a technology partner who can help you safely navigate the diverse technology landscape and make your healthcare business grow uninterrupted, feel free to contact our team. 

You can also visit our website DreamSoft4u and explore our services in detail as well as read case studies of other businesses that have benefited from our custom healthcare software development services.  

We would also love to be a part of your social media feeds. As a leading healthcare app development company, we keep our audiences engaged with the latest news and developments in healthcare IT. 

DreamSoft4u Healthcare App Development Company- FAQs

What types of healthcare projects can you handle?

We can build, deploy, and manage healthcare software solutions of all sizes. With 200+ successful projects, we’ve worked on everything from small applications to large, complex healthcare solutions.

How long does it take to develop healthcare software?

For smaller to medium-sized projects, expect a delivery time of 4-8 weeks. Larger, enterprise-level solutions might take 12-16 weeks, ensuring a thorough and high-quality outcome in healthcare software development.

In addition to HIPAA, what other compliance solutions do you offer?
We also offer solutions that are GDPR, NABIDH, and ABDM compliant. If there are any other specific compliances that you need, feel free to talk to our experts.  

What hiring options do you provide?

We offer flexible hiring models to suit your needs, including dedicated teams, fixed-price projects, and hourly engagements for custom healthcare software development services.

Is the agile development approach used?

Yes, we follow an agile approach to healthcare software development. This means iterative progress, ongoing collaboration, and the ability to adapt to changing healthcare requirements throughout the process.

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