Safety First: Tips To Choose The Best Hurricane Shutters For Maximum Protection

Storms lead to serious damage to homes and communities. When you are a house owner residing in hurricane-susceptible zones, it’s far fantastically extensive to install hurricane shutters to be able to shield your houses

There are several kinds of shutters that leave one uncertain on the right choice to make. Some inclusive tips that will assist you to select the perfect hurricane shutters that offer maximum protection are provided below.

1. Knowing Your Needs

Before moving on to hurricane shutters, first you need to think and understand exactly what you are looking for and your personal requirements. This means considering your homes’ location, windows and the approximate budget at hand. 

Also assess the necessity of protection depending on the degree of hurricanes in your area. Having an understanding of your needs will assist you throughout the selection process.

2. Kinds Of Hurricane Shutters

You can use diverse forms of shutters to shield your private home from storms and hurricanes. For instance, a few are impermanent inclusive of plywood panels whilst others are permanent like unbreakable glass doors made with robust substances. Let us have a look at each class extra closely:

• Accordion Shutters: 

These shutters remain permanently beside window openings and then can easily be unpacked when necessary in order to cover them up whenever there is a storm. Accordion shutters last longer as compared to other types and therefore provide the best defense against strong winds and flying objects.

• Rolldown Shutters: 

Rolldown storm shutters are installed above windows and can be rolled down when needed. They offer convenient use besides providing solid protection against hurricanes and enhancing security against burglary.

• Storm Panels: 

These are made of metal or polycarbonate and are attached to windows before a storm. They are cheaper in cost as compared to other types of shutters that require effort in installing and removing them from the window.

• Bahama Shutters: 

These are hinged at the top so that when not in use, they can be left open slightly allowing light in and air circulation. When there is a possibility of a hurricane, they will just drop down to protect the windows against wind damage and debris impact.

• Colonial Shutters: 

Colonial-style shutters, which hinge on either side of window frames, resemble the traditional wooden versions. They offer moderate defense against hurricanes while adding an appealing appearance to your house.

3. Quality And Durability

When buying hurricane shutters for your house, go for the kind that are hardy and strong. This means acquiring shutters made out of robust stuff like metal, aluminum or rigid plastics which can endure the violence of heavy winds and flying objects during a storm.

In addition, look at the make-up of the shutter. A good quality one will have reinforced corners, strong frames and secure locking mechanisms which increases their efficiency and long-lasting ability during hurricanes.

4. Installation And Maintenance

The proper installation of hurricane shutters is very crucial for them to function adequately. Some shutters can be mounted by yourself while others may require an expert to ensure a perfect fit and security. Consider experienced installation specialists for better fitment.

Additionally, regular maintenance is important if you want your hurricane shutters to last long. At regular intervals, examine them for indications of aging or impairment such as rusting, worn out elements and corroded parts. 

Clean the shutters using the recommended method and fix any damage immediately so that they work accordingly when required.

5. Cost And Budget Consideration

Another major factor to consider when purchasing hurricane shutters is price. While durability and quality are significant, there needs to be equilibrium between cost-effectiveness and safety. 

Take into account not only the original cost of the shutters but also additional charges like installation or repair fees by comparing sellers’ prices.

Remember that buying good quality hurricane shutters serves as an investment towards long-term safety measures in your house, ensuring peace of mind during severe weather events and beyond. 

6. Aesthetic Appeal And Design

Hurricane protection should not compromise the aesthetics or design aspects of a building. Go for shades that match your house and enhance its beauty. 

Different manufacturers provide various colors as well as finishes according to what one likes or based on interior design considerations.

In addition, think about their convenience regarding air circulation and natural light accessibility when deciding on these options. 


Having high-quality hurricane shutters can prevent any harm to your home and family when there are severe weather conditions.

If you want to increase the safeguarding of your property during hurricanes and ensure that it does not get destroyed, then you must understand your requirements, which kind of shutters to choose, how quality and durability can be ensured, installation and maintenance as well as budgeting.

Contact All Guard Storm Shutters now for a consultation on how we can help you protect your home and family through our hurricane shutter options.

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