Tesla Perfection: Accessories to Boost Performance and Style

As automotive industries embrace electric vehicle technologies, Tesla has set itself like a pioneer. Beyond their cutting edge electric technology, Tesla proprietors also take advantage of a good amount of accessories to boost both performance and elegance within their vehicle.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll explore the field of Tesla accessories which are beyond factory settings to enhance driving experience and enhance driving pleasure.

1. Cutting-Edge Tech Accessories:

Tesla’s advanced technology is one of its defining features, but there are accessories that can take it a step further.

a. Enhanced Autopilot Accessories:

Tesla vehicles equipped with Autopilot capabilities may benefit from accessories like additional cameras or sensors to augment its capabilities, including adding extra cameras or sensors that expand field of vision for improved safety and responsiveness. These add ons could give drivers greater peace of mind as they drive.

b. Wireless Charging Pads:

Upgrade the interior with wireless charging pads designed specifically for Tesla vehicles. These charging pads easily integrate into the center console for convenient smartphone and other compatible device charging.

c. Performance Monitors:

Enthusiastic drivers may benefit from adding performance monitoring tools. Aftermarket monitors offer real time information regarding battery performance, power usage and other metrics pertaining to vehicle operation giving drivers more insight into its operation than they might otherwise get otherwise.

2. Interior Comfort and Style:

Tesla interiors are known for their elegant minimalistic style and cutting edge features; however, certain accessories can add luxury and individualism.

a. Premium Seat Covers:

Premium seat covers offer both protection and an upgrade in style for original upholstery, adding both comfort and visual flair. From leather, suede or custom fabrics premium covers can enhance both functionality and style for maximum efficiency!

b. All-Weather Floor Mats:

Tesla’s original floor mats were intended for practicality; however, upgrading to all weather floor mats may provide improved protection from spills, dirt and wear and tear. Furthermore, all weather floor mats may also be easier to keep clean and maintain for optimal interior condition.

c. Ambient Lighting Upgrades:

Enhance the atmosphere of any interior space with ambient lighting upgrades. These accessories allow drivers to customize both color and intensity levels within interior illumination for an engaging driving experience.

3. Exterior Enhancements:

Tesla cars feature sleek and aerodynamic designs, yet for those seeking something different there are exterior accessories which can add some personalization and add that final flourish of individuality.

a. Carbon Fiber Accents:

Carbon Fiber Accents: Incorporating carbon fiber accents such as mirror caps, spoilers and trim pieces gives the exterior design of a Tesla an upscale and sporty aesthetic.

b. Window Tinting:

Window tinting adds aesthetic value while offering practical advantages as well. UV protection and heat reduction help increase privacy as well as provide safer driving environments that make for a smoother driving experience. High quality tinting may increase privacy as well as make driving safer and more pleasant overall.

c. Aero Kits and Body Upgrades:

Upgraded aero kits and body upgrades offer many ways to create an aggressive yet aerodynamic appearance, from front splitters, side skirts, and rear diffusers that add visual interest but can also increase aerodynamic efficiency, to front splitters that contribute directly to improved aerodynamics.

d. Ute canopies for storage:

Many Tesla owners also value practical enhancements alongside aesthetic ones, and aftermarket canopy canopies may provide the solution they’ve been seeking without impacting the sleek lines of their ride.

Ute canopies, designed to seamlessly integrate with Tesla vehicles, offer secure and weather resistant storage options. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast in need of extra space for camping gear or a professional requiring a secure storage solution for work related items, these canopies are versatile additions to the Tesla.

4. Performance Upgrades:

Tesla vehicles are already known for their exceptional performance straight out of the factory; for those seeking even greater boost, there’s also an array of performance boosting accessories available that may give that extra edge.

a. Performance Wheels:

Upgraded aftermarket wheels for Teslas not only add aesthetic value, but may also improve handling and performance. Lightweight but high performance wheels may help decrease unsprung weight for more responsive driving experiences and agile handling characteristics.

b. Brake Upgrades:

Aftermarket brake systems can dramatically boost stopping power and decrease brake fade for drivers with an affinity for high performance driving. Upgraded kits often include larger rotors and higher performance pads to guarantee optimal performance during intense driving conditions.

c. Suspension Enhancements:

Fine tuning the suspension can have an immense effect on a Tesla’s handling. By upgrading with adjustable coilovers or other dynamic suspension components, owners can maximize driving dynamics for enhanced ride comfort and performance.

5. Charging Accessories:

Charger accessories for Tesla vehicles are integral in providing maximum convenience and efficiency to owners of electric vehicles like theirs.

a. Home Charging Stations:

An investment in a dedicated home charging station can greatly speed up charging times when compared with using standard household outlets, and these stations come in different power levels to meet individual charging needs.

b. Portable Charging Cables:

Portable charging cables are essential when traveling and accessing public charging stations, with longer or higher amperage cables offering greater mobility and access.

c. Charging Adapters:

Traveling between regions may necessitate investing in charging adapters that ensure compatibility when charging at various charging stations across different regions, regardless of infrastructure differences. With an adaptor set in hand, Tesla owners will always have their cars charged up quickly at charging stations worldwide!


Tesla vehicles are well known as symbols of cutting edge automotive technology; for those wanting to personalize and optimize their driving experience further, there is an array of accessories designed specifically to boost both performance and style.

From performance upgrades that push EV capabilities further to interior and exterior accessories that add luxury and individualism, Tesla accessories offer something for every taste and need. As more options become available to Tesla owners as the landscape for electric vehicle ownership evolves, Tesla owners will have even greater freedom in customising their vehicle to suit them personally.

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